“The Lion” masterpiece

“The Forest” Tapestry, is a collaboration between William Morris, Philip Webb and Henry Dearle was created at Morris' tapestry works, on Merton Abbey at 1887.
The flowers in the foreground and the verdure behind were designed by Morris, while Webb added the five animal studies and Dearle supplied the floral details for this work. This tapestry hangs in the Victoria & Albert Museum, London.


Sometimes referred to as the William Morris Lion tapestry of all the work produced, in the 19th century by Henry Dearle (a colleague of Morris) and Burne-Jones. This is part of “The Forest”, and called “The Lion”. This shows the lion with a fox and a hare, with the rich colors and beautifully layered composition a testament to the craftsmanship.
As with many of their tapestries of the period, the scene is embellished with a background rich in foliage.

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