About Signare

Signare is a successful lifestyle and fashion brand in the UK, Europe and USA. It designs and manufactures adorable woven tapestries and transfers them into desirable, fashionable, functional and yet affordable handbags and home furnishing products. The quality of all our products is second to none, with each bag lovingly crafted from high quality materials inside and outside to ensure durability as well as style. Explore the best tapestry products - personal and home for your customers

"The art of ancient heritage tapestry fused with today’s lifestyle patterns"

Signare’s expressive fabric designs always start the conversation wherever they are seen. Tapestry is an ancient art form and a method of producing fabrics from colored threads dating back 2000 years ago. Signare tapestry has created a modern twist into this heritage fabrics. Our creations are inspired by nature, by great art and by life itself.  You’ll find flowers, animals, birds, butterflies, landmarks – and much more. Many of our designs feature iconic artworks by great masters in history including Klimt, Van Gogh, Monet and William Morris.

"The mission of Signare is to create desirable, functional lifestyle products inspired by nature, by great art and by life itself that resonate with your pleasant memories and experience"

Our tapestry products are specifically tailored for the gifting and fashion consumer markets, and they’re fast becoming a brand of choice for customers seeking elegant, classic yet modern styles with a hint of humor, sometimes eccentric, sometimes iconic but always stylish. Each piece features a distinctive design theme that tells its own story and reflects personality of its owners. With a wide choice of designs and styles, your customers are certain to find the perfect products to express their individuality and make their own personal fashion statement. 

"Gift ideas for your customers"

Products are stocked and distributed from our warehouse located in Ontario, California, guaranteeing super-fast delivery wherever you’re based in the USA. Our warehouse always holds over 25 models of bags in stock, and with each one available in a choice of more than 30 tapestry designs.

Signare supplies products to prestigious customers including the British Museum, Blenheim Palace and Westminster Abbey in the UK; the Huntington Library and the Smithsonian Institute in the USA; and the National Gallery of Canada – as well as many other international museums and visitor attractions. We are becoming one of the best sellers for your marketplace and your customers will enjoy a design that fits their lifestyle

Enter into the World of Tapestry by Signare... you and your customers will not be surprised!